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We have officially launched Lockdown Wrestling! Be sure to click above to go to our forums to sign a contract! Be sure when registering, you use your wrestler name, along with using the guidelines.

All wrestlers must be user created, meaning no real wrestler names (i.e. No AJ Styles, John Cena, etc). Your picture base, can be anyone you wish.

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Are you a new superstar? Maybe want to build your character up a bit more? Then feel free to submit a segment, by clicking above. Please note that not ALL segments may make it into the show, and are fully reviewed before placing in the show.

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No current Top Star.

Every week we update our Rising Star list with the top 3 competitors of Lockdown Wrestling. These wrestlers are consider Rising Stars based on their storyline, along with their win/loss records. A full list of records and roster can be found below.

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